Blue Braided Rugs

Blue Braided Rugs

Popular Blue Rug Shades

  • Navy: Navy is a classic shade of blue. In area rugs navy will often be paired with white or a classic combination is navy and burgundy. A great lodge inspired navy and burgundy rug is the Highland rug.
  • Denim: Denim is an evergreen blue shade. It lightens up a room and adds a classic touch. A popular denim blue rug we have is also called - Denim !
  • Turquoise: Turquoise reminds us of sunny beaches. This blue green shade is great for sun rooms. You will find Turquoise blue inspired feel in our Baja Blue braided rug.
  • Sky Blue: Sky blue, or light blue is one of the most popular shades, specially in clothing. To feel light blue in effect look at the area rug - Sunflowers.
popular blue braided rugs

Classic Blue Braided Rug Combinations

Denim Blue Braided Rug

Blue on Blue Rugs

Yes blue on blue rugs look good. Think denim. You will always find lots of blue area rugs for farmhouse, modern or country decor. The Denim braided rug is a great example.

Blue And Yellow Rugs

Blue and yellow is a classic. Blue and yellow rugs will brighten up any room. Think sun rooms, study rooms and balconies. This home decor combo is also considered French Country Decor. The Sunflower rug was inspired by this. It looks beautiful as an oval rug.
Sunflower Blue And Yellow Braided Rug
Juniper blue braided rug

Blue And White Rugs

Blue and white is as classic as pinstripe suits are. A strong bold color palette. This is often used in coastal decor palettes. The Juniper braided rug is inspired by blue and white.

Navy And Burgundy Rugs

When you think of classic american decor you can’t go wrong with a Navy and Burgundy braided rug. It goes great with cabin decor and log cabin decor. The Highland rug is inspired by this blue color combo. It is stunning as a rectangle braided rug.
Highland Nevy & Red Braided Rugs
Baja Blue Cotton Braided Rugs

Turquoise And White Rugs

This coastal color palette is inspired by Florida. Get a positive and cheerful room with this color combination. The baja blue is for you if you are shopping for a turquoise braided rug.

Blue and Beige Rugs

Blue and beige or also blue and brown is a very interior decor combination. You will often see rooms painted with this theme. Also the farmhouse look will see light browns and steel blue.
Indigo Blue Braided Rug
Oval and Rect. shape blue braided rugs

Available Shapes

  • Oval
  • Rectangle

Along with color you also need to consider shapes. Both Oval braided rugs and rectangle braided rugs are popular. For the dining room rug we recommend you follow the shape of the table top. For kitchens and doorways we do sell about 60% oval braided rugs. One advantage of the oval rug is that the corners don’t rise.

Care and Cleaning: To care for your blue braided rugs please Click Here