To protect your investment, use a rug pad. A rug pad provides traction between the rug and floor to prevent slipping. It adds padding and keeps the rug smooth and flat. Extending the life of the rug, a pad protects the backing and prevents any possible color transfer.


Braid sprouts are not a defect, but inherent to Braid Construction. It is simple to fix and should be done as soon as possible.

Example of Rug sprout

Trim the Sprout even the rug


Product Care:Homespice products are manufactured by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen who utilize the finest materials available! However, keep in mind these products are decorative floor coverings and many factors will determine the wearing characteristics and duration of your rug...such as pets, household traffic patterns, family size, or exposure to chairs or rolled/dragged objects. Over time, small braid separations may occur, simply sew the braids together using a needle and strong thread.

Avoid dragging pointed chair legs or heavy furniture across the rug as this may stress the braid threads and stitching. Trim, but never pull loose yarns or thread ends. What may appear to be an irregularity in colors or construction is actually part of the homespun-look, typical to braided rugs. The use of a non-skid rug pad is recommended for safety and to prevent the possibility of a color reaction to underlying surfaces, especially vinyl floors.

Example of braid separation

Please sew at your own risk

Repairing the rug


Please unroll and keep the rug lying flat for 36-48 hours to allow it to relax naturally before placing any furniture on it. Work out any wrinkles using your hands or a cylinder (the carpet tube works well, too).


It is natural for rugs to fade in sunlight. Sunlight fading varies with where you live. We use the best materials so you should not have a problem, however all Homespice rugs come with 3 year limited warranty, so if anything unforeseen happens we will exchange the rug for you. Flipping the carpet is a simple way to get the unfaded side up. Rotating the rug will help even out fading if it is in one area. Penny Rugs will pill for the first few days. Use a lint roller or vacuum to remove the fuzz.

Rug Cleaning

Homespice rugs are made from various types of materials and therefore, require different cleaning methods. Please vacuum the rugs using a strong suction vacuum and do not use a beater bar. Clean at your own risk as Homespice is not responsible for any damages that may occur during the cleaning process. Below are cleaning suggestions, but we highly recommend professional cleaning for all of our rugs.

Ultra Durable and Ultra Wool Braids: Shake any loose debris off. Hose down and hang outdoors to dry.

Cotton Braids: Shake any loose debris off and spot clean. Professional cleaning is recommended.

Jute Braids: Shake any loose debris off and spot clean only.

Hooked and Penny rugs: Shake any loose debris off and spot clean. Professional cleaning is recommended.


Spot clean with a soft bristle brush to remove loose debris. Use a mild detergent and cool water to help remove tough stains. Blot and do not rub. Dry cleaning kits may be used but at your own risk. When cleaning any of our rugs, please let dry flat and flip to both sides to allow the rug to fully dry.

how to unroll your rug