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    Room Cookie Dough Brown Braided Rug
    Cookie Dough Brown Braided Rug $9.99 - $649.00 $19.99 - $1,081.67
  2. New
    Room Jet Black Braided Rug
    Jet Black Braided Rug $9.99 - $649.00 $19.99 - $1,081.67
  3. New
    Room Sky Blue Braided Area Rug
    Sky Blue Braided Area Rug $9.99 - $649.00 $19.99 - $1,081.67
  4. Room Denim Blue Braided Rugs
    Denim Blue Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  5. Room Flint Hill Grey Braided Area Rugs
    Flint Hill Grey Braided Area Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  6. Room Prescott Black Braided Rug
    Prescott Black Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  7. Room Azalea Multi Color Braided Rugs
    Azalea Multi Color Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  8. Room Cider Barn Red Braided Rug
    Cider Barn Red Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  9. Room Harvest Beige Braided Area Rugs
    Harvest Beige Braided Area Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  10. Room Kilimanjaro Black Braided Rugs
    Kilimanjaro Black Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  11. Room Kingston Multi Color Braided Rug
    Kingston Multi Color Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  12. Room Russett Brown Braided Rug
    Russett Brown Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  13. Room Gingerbread Brown Braided Rugs
    Gingerbread Brown Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  14. Room Highland Red Area Braided Rug
    Highland Red Area Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  15. Room Manchester Black and Tan Braided Rug
    Manchester Black and Tan Braided Rug $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  16. Room Pinecone Green Jute Braided Rugs
    Pinecone Green Jute Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  17. Room Chester Red Jute Braided Area Rugs
    Chester Red Jute Braided Area Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  18. Room Grey Cloud Jute Braided Rugs
    Grey Cloud Jute Braided Rugs $29.99 - $649.00 $49.99 - $999.00
  19. Room Juniper Blue Washable Braided Rug
    Juniper Blue Washable Braided Rug $49.99 - $899.00 $84.49 - $1,499.00
  20. Room Barcelona Terracotta Braided Area Rug
    Barcelona Terracotta Braided Area Rug $49.99 - $899.00 $84.49 - $1,499.00
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Where style meets durability, our braided rugs are the perfect match for any room. That’s why they’ve become one our most popular styles today! Shop hundreds of colors and patterns that work with your space, whether indoor or outdoors, and built to last for years to come.


Braided Rugs You'll Love

When it comes to getting the perfect area rug for any room in your home, you can’t go wrong with our collection of braided rugs. There are all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles you can choose from a range of sturdy materials, and Homespice has the collections you need to match whatever you’re going for. Whether you want a new rug for the living room, or you’re looking to buy a few for the kids’ bedrooms to bring warmth and comfort, we can help.

Homespice Décor handcrafts braided rugs with a deep appreciation for classic American design and the highest quality construction using sophisticated color palettes to complement almost any décor style for any room in the home. With styles available in round, oval, rectangle and square shapes in sizes up to 20’x30’, these braided rugs can meet your needs for comfort, beauty, durability and pride of ownership.

Homespice offers several lines to meet any budget without compromising quality or selection. Our easy-care Ultra Durable indoor-outdoor braided rugs are stain-proof and water-proof and easily find their way into any decor. Our Ultra Wool braided rugs are washable and can go outdoors, too. Our classic cotton braided and jute braided rugs are go-to designs for those who love country, farmhouse, primitive, rustic or coastal décor. With recommended care, these rugs can give you many years of use and satisfaction. They are affordable and highly durable even under the most extreme conditions, making them some of our most popular products. Once you purchase one of our custom Braided Rug, you’re sure to be a lifetime Homespice customer!

What braided area rugs will look best with the style I already have in my room?

Whether your style is primitive, country, modern, farmhouse, or a mix of them all. Look at the space you want to spruce up, and then decide what shapes, colors, or patterns you want to use. We have half circles, rectangles, runners, round, oval, and more. You can pick something that’ll stand out, like a multicolored braided rug that makes a stunning backdrop to your room. Or a classic large braided rug that blends right in.

Choose from a range of braided rugs for your room

There is an assortment of rugs available online these days - from area rugs to farmhouse rugs, from hooked wool rugs to penny rugs and from outdoor rugs to rag rugs, you can take your pick from a wide variety. The most frequently chosen type are braided rugs. Available most commonly in round, oval and rectangle shapes, braided rugs are long strips of cloth intertwined and sewn together in a beautiful manner.

Can children or pets destroy my braided area rug?

How well your braided carpet stands up to wear n tear is a big measure of quality. most of the braided rug for sale on our site is washable, easy-to-maintain, and withstands high traffic areas. Artisan rugs, especially ones made of our Ultra Wool and Ultra Durable yarns, are durable whether it’s muddy paws or messy kids.

What rugs will be perfect to go in my kitchen?

Many people are conservative with their kitchen decor, but you can really give your kitchen a facelift with a cool gray braided rug, or something a little more rustic like red and naturals. Our Ultra Wool braided rugs feel cozy and soft underfoot and add a style to your kitchen that you’ll love.
At Homespice, we make sure you have the best braided rug options for your home. That’s why we have so many country primitive rugs for sale on our site, in our showroom, and even at trade shows around the United States! We guarantee if you’re looking for where to buy rope rugs online, you’re in the right place.

Where to Start: Choosing Braided Rugs to Fit Your Style

Are you ready to pick out new braided rugs from your home? First things first, what are some prime areas to place indoor and outdoor braided rugs?

Ideas for placement:

  • Layering under a welcome mat
  • Under the kitchen table to style your dining area
  • Surrounding the desk in your home office
  • A runner in the kitchen for a soft spot to stand while cooking
  • Patio braided rugs for your outdoor living space
  • In the bathroom by the tub for warm feet
  • Under the piano in the sitting room
  • As a centerpiece in the great room
  • For added color in a child’s room or play area
  • Under the bed to step onto a cozy rug first thing in the morning

Once you decide where you want to place the rugs in your home, consider the shapes you can use to design your home. Rugs are huge statement pieces when you choose them wisely.

Available shapes include:

  • Oval: With the softened edges, you can choose an oval rug under your kitchen table or the bed in the main suite. Use small oval rugs by the bathroom sink or at the foot of a twin bed. This charming style can add color and texture to the space while providing comfort.
  • Round: Choose round braided rugs to section off a part of the room for a reading nook, as a welcome piece in the entryway, or in a child’s bedroom for whimsy and warmth.
  • Rectangular: You can choose large or small rectangular rugs. Use the large primitive rugs as area rugs in a gathering room or on the patio. Small rugs are perfect for the laundry room or guest room.
  • Runner: Line your hallway with coziness when you choose runner-style braided rugs. You can warm the floor of a tile kitchen or lead the way to the secondary bedrooms. Rugs will always add warmth, texture, and variety to your home.

After deciding where you want to place your rugs and which shapes will go where, it’s time to decide on the sizes. There are a variety of sizes available.

Consider these sizes:

Small Rugs: Coming in 20”x30” or 27”x45”, small rugs are essential to your home décor. Style your bathrooms with small braided rugs. Use the small sizes by the back door, the kitchen sink, or layered on top of a larger rug for depth. </p

Medium Rugs: 4’x6’ or 5’x8’ rugs can be placed in large rooms to make the room feel bigger, not reaching out to slide under the furniture. Instead, medium braided rugs frame the coffee table or emphasize the center of the room. Also, use the medium size for smaller bedrooms or entryways.

Large Rugs: When you choose an 8’x10’ rug, you are looking for a rug to fill the whole space of a room. Use it under patio seating to create a soft landing for your feet as you chat with friends and family while the sun goes down. In addition, let the rug stretch under the furniture in your family room so that your braided rug contributes an intimate feel to a large space.

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Make your home the farmhouse or coastal style of your dreams by adding the finishing touches. When you choose Homespice braided rugs, you can finally have a home that welcomes you with cozy charm at the end of a long day.