Non-Slip Braided Rugs

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Outdoor Braided Rugs

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Rugs For Deck & Patio

  • Water Resistant: Dries quickly, unaffected by water.
  • UV Treated: Withstands 3000+ hours of sunlight.
  • Stain Resistant: Wine and coffee don't stain.
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Luxury Cotton Braided Rugs

  • Soft Cotton Fabric: Delicately printed for depth and details.
  • Flat Braids: Ideal for sliding furniture across without getting caught
  • Perfectly Finished: Get flawless, tail-free even edges.
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Jute Rugs for Luxury Farmhouse Decor

  • Handmade: Each piece showcases skilled craftsmanship.
  • Earthy Touch: Wool and jute come together for a warm, luxurious look.
  • Comfortable: So soft and cozy that it feels like walking on grass.
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Benefits of Small Braided Rugs

Bathroom Rug Benefits

  • Stain Proof: Hair color does not stain.
  • Water Absorbing: No more damp rugs in your bathroom.
  • Happy Moms: No need to pick up rug to dry after baths.
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Kitchen Rug Benefits

  • Kitchen Looks Clean: Coffee, juice, wine do not stain this rug.
  • Kitchen Stays Dry: You don't have to bend down to wipe up drips & spills.
  • Happier Chefs : Soft under your feet. Keeps your feet warm in winter.
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Entryway Rug Benefits

  • Looks Great Even After Rains: Absorbs more water than most mats and stays clean
  • Stain Resistant: Muddy boots & shoes, bring em on!
  • Classic Look: Welcome your guest with a rug that says Warmth!
  • Premium Rug: Welcome your guests with a good looking first step.
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What our customers are saying about us

Homespice Decor

Buying a Better Braided Rug - 40% Repeat Buyers

Homespice has one great thing about it. 40% repeat buyers. When we only sold wholesale, to stores, we heard store owners rave, how customers could come back again to buy another rug, and another, and another, up to 6 times again! We are happy to say that even with our online sales, we see 40% repeat buyers. Now that is a true sign of customer happiness.

What You Should Get From Our Rugs

Everyone has individual decor tastes. Braided rugs go in so many decor styles from modern ones like Farmhouse Decor, all the way to early settler era Primitive Decor because this is one of the 3 rugs styles which originated in America. However you should get a few basics from all our rugs.

  1. A Good rug should get you compliments
  2. A Well Made rug will get you inner happiness. Knowing your room looks good and the rug is sturdy
  3. A Quality rug should have good deep colors and they should be color fast
  4. A timeless rug should last you a long time. Sure we have different qualities, but they each should outlast other comparable rugs on the market.
  5. A well designed rug should pull your room decor together and make everything look co-ordinated. That’s what a good rug does!

Things to avoid when buying an area rug

Coming from a family of rug makers, we know rugs more than most. We’ve seen them all. These are things you want to avoid when buying a rug

  1. A rug that sheds yarn: You’ve seen it. The rug just keeps on shedding, everyday!
  2. The rug looks cheap: Yes, they don’t always look like the photo. A good rug should look better than the photo. Today the market is flooded with cheap rugs that are super thin and look flimsy. They don’t last long.
  3. Not getting dirty: Some rugs just tend to get dirty super fast. A good quality construction material will resist stains and easily stand up to spot cleaning.
  4. Not smelling: Yuck! Ever had a rug that smells? Leave it in your room overnight and the smell takes over the room. You want to ensure the factory that made the rugs used good manufacturing hygiene so that you end up with a clean, non-smelly rug
  5. A rug that bleeds color: Some cheap rugs have this problem. Homespice’s yarn dyeing equipment is top class meaning that we exceed color integrity standards for each raw material.
  6. A shabby rug: Yes, we’ve all seen it. Though you may not be a rug expert, our intuition knows it. A shabby rug will fall apart, and worse, make your room look like crap. We want you to be the one with the good looking room, leave the shabby rug to someone you don’t like!