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Key Features Of A Great Dining Room Rug
  • Perfect size braided rug for dining room


    It should be big enough so chairs don’t catch the edge.

  • Durable Braided Rug for your dining room


    The rug should withstand traffic and spills.

  • Easy Of Cleaning

    A low pile rug, like a braid, is easy to clean and maintain.

  • beautiful black dining room rug

    Color Palette

    The rug should complement the colors in the room.

Jute Dining Room Rugs

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Stain-Resistant Rugs


Stain Resistant Benefits

  • ● This feature saves you from needing to get the rug from under the table for a wash.
  • ● No permanent stains that could spoil your rug.
  • ● Relaxed dining even with small kids around.
  • ● These rugs are also washable.


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Cotton Dining Room Rugs



  • ● Premium cotton fabric gets our clients the most compliments.
  • ● Flat cotton braid means the chair will slide over better on this rug.
  • ● Cotton is easy to clean.


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Main Areas To Use Dining Room Rugs:
  • Dining Room Rug for Formal Dining Rooms

    Formal Dining Rooms

    Rugs create warmth and intimacy in these spaces.

  • Black Dining Room Braided Rug for Casual Dining Rooms

    Casual Dining Areas

    Rugs add color to your breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen.

  • Blue Braided Rug for Outdoor Dining Areas

    Outdoor Dining Areas

    Outdoor rugs add color and style to your outdoor dining area.

  • Dining Room Braided Rugs for Open Rooms

    Apartments and open rooms

    A rug can anchor the dining area and make it feel inviting.

Benefits of Great Dining Room Rugs
  • Comfortable Dining Room Braided Rug


    The soft rug underfoot makes dining more comfortable, specially if the chairs are not padded.

  • Warmth Braided Rug


    A rug can insulate the dining area keeping it warmer, specially in colder climates.

  • Braided Rug that protects your floor


    A rug can protect the flooring from scratches, scuffs, and spills.

  • Dining Room Rug for Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    A rug absorbs noise making the dining room a more pleasant place to be.

  • Stain-proof dining room rug

    No Stain:

    Rug looks clean after spills.

  • low maintenance dining room rug

    Low Maintenance

    You want a rug that doesn’t stain easy, and is child and pet friendly.


What are key features of a great dining room rug

There are several key features that make a great dining room rug:

Easy to Clean

When it comes to living room rugs, it's important to choose a rug that is easy to clean and maintain. With frequent foot traffic and spills, living room rugs can quickly become dirty and worn out. Braided rugs that are made from durable materials, such as wool or cotton, are often easy to clean and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Additionally, many braided rugs are machine washable or can be spot cleaned easily.

Oval and Rectangular Shapes

Braided rugs come in various shapes, including oval and rectangular. Oval braided rugs are a classic choice for a living room with a traditional or farmhouse style. Rectangular braided rugs are more versatile and can complement any decor style. Both shapes are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose a rug that fits perfectly in your living room space.

Runner Rugs

If you have a larger living room, consider using a runner rug to add dimension and depth to the space. A runner rug can be placed in the center of the living room or along a wall to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, runner rugs are perfect for high traffic areas and can protect your floors from wear and tear.

Colors and Styles

When choosing a braided rug for your living room, consider the colors and styles that will complement your decor. Popular colors for braided rugs include red, black, grey, brown, and green. These colors can add warmth and coziness to your living room space. Additionally, consider the overall style of your living room, such as farmhouse, primitive, or country-style, and choose a rug that complements it.

In conclusion, a braided rug can add warmth, comfort, and style to your living room decor. When choosing a braided rug, consider the ease of cleaning, size and shape, and colors and styles that will complement your living room. With the right braided rug, your living room can become a cozy and inviting space that you'll love spending time in.

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