How To Make Rugged Primitive Candles

July 4, 2017
How To Make Rugged Primitive Candles


Primitive candles, also known as country candles, cake candles, or grubby candles, are home made candles that are appealing among other primitive home décor, due to their makeshift delicacy. You can make your own candles with your own unique colors, shapes, and sizes. Lighter candles have a more elegant look; while darker candles can show of cool textures and deep colors.

To make a primitive candle, you will need paraffin wax, dye color blocks, candle scent oil, candle molds for giving the candle its size and shape, a wooden spoon for stirring, a metal fork, hot glue, a double boiler or roaster oven needed to melt the wax, a drill, and some wick. In case of a fire, have a fire extinguisher present at all times.

Let’s get started on making your own primitive décor candles!

Firstly, place 10 pounds of paraffin wax and let it melt. Be sure to be at your roaster oven or boiler at all times when in use. Do not leave melting wax unattended!

Next, add one half of a color block and allow it to melt with the paraffin wax. After it has fully melted, stir the contents of the boiler or roster oven with your spoon, to mix the paraffin wax with the color dye. Do not use a metal utensil to stir your mixture or you will risk transferring metal particles to the candle.

The next step is to add two and a half ounces of oil of scent to the candle mixture. The scent will be released once exposed to heat. If you wish to include more than one scent, be sure that all scents add up to two and a half ounces. There is a limit to how much scene that wax can absorb, so do keep this in mind.

After you have an appropriate balance of wax, dye, and oil, pour your mixture into your mold or molds. Candle molds can be made from metal or ceramic. You can buy them or make your own; as mentioned previously they come in various sizes and shapes. You can even use paper cups if you would like.

Let the mixtures cool overnight. On the next day, you should be able to loosely extract your mixtures from you molds. If the mixture is stuck, put your mold inside the refrigerator for half an hour. If you leave your mixture in for too long, however, your wax may crack, so be sure that it does not happen, or else you will need to start over!

If a hole is formed in the middle of your mixture(s), melt two additional pounds of wax, one ounce of oil, and portion of color dye block. Pour this mixture, when melted, into the hole of your first mixture. This is done so that the primitive décor candle doesn’t split into two when you drill a hole for the wick. Take another day for the mixtures to cool.

After the wax hardens, drill your hole from the top of the candle to the bottom, and place your wick through it. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the wick so that it stays inside the candle.

Finally, to give your candle that rugged primitive look, melt 5 more pounds of wax and half of another color block. After melting, brush the new wax onto your candle to give it that rugged cake-like texture. Let the candle(s) sit overnight to harden again.

Those are the steps to a basic looking primitive candle. Experiment with these methods to get more ideas for more unique candles each time.