Primitive Decor is one of the most classic styles in home decorating. Rustic furnishings complimented by home accents from braided rugs to penny table runners transform any space into a primitive home

Primitive Decor has had a resurgence in popularity and has been on the climb as a home decorating trend in the US.

There are many different items that can speak the country primitive language but primarily what denotes this style is simple furnishings made from hand hewed logs and rough cut lumber.

This style has earthy muted tones like faded country blues and pickled finishes. There is a distinct difference among country primitive, country décor, Americana décor, French country and even rustic décor. They are all distinctly different yet more alike than they are different styles.

Many people use an eclectic approach because it is actually quite an eclectic design model. Your house does not have to “match” you can use a braided oval rug as floor covering than maybe penny rug stair runners.

You do not have to follow any one particular theme in primitive decor either. A lot of people mistakenly believe that a country primitive decor kitchen for example is a kitchen that is all about rooster themes or apple themes but in reality it is a combination of items that are handcrafted (or appear to be hand crafted) and that were/are historically functional items.

The history dates back to the settlers of the US. Homemakers were tasked with creating items for their homes that were thrifty and purposeful. Items like hand made braided rugs , penny rugs are used in everything, right from floor coverings to table mats.

To sum it up primitive decor is simple furnishings, home accents and flooring that is durable and attractive and appeals to people from around the globe. This functional home décor makes a house into a home.


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