Homespice Décor has been making braided rugs for over 15 years.

Classic American decor including primitive decor that is museum quality.

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      The country primitive decorating movement is expanding by leaps and bounds. More and more people are deciding that simple is best and like the idea that the design elements are beautiful but they are also durable and easy to live with.

      Braided rugs have a long history in the US and can be dated back to the late 1700’s when frugal homemakers would create their own floor coverings using scraps of materials and rags. Of course today’s modern rugs are created from materials that are a bit more durable.

      Today’s modern braided rugs are made from high quality materials that are much more durable than those rugs from days gone by but they look just as lovely. They are perfectly suited for many design models but especially for country decor.


      It would be a false statement to say that simple is necessarily cheap. In some cases depending on where you are shopping simple can be quite expensive. Homespice is able to keep costs down and pass the savings on to you.

      Wholesale braided rugs from Homespice are made of the best quality materials and are painstakingly crafted. Many rug companies do not take the amount of pride in their rugs. Homespice is set up to offer high quality rugs at wholesale prices to distributors.

      Offering high quality rug is the way to offer money savings. They are more durable, longer lasting and easily outlast other like rugs which means that they do not have to be replaced as often.


The best thing about Homespice wholesale braided rugs is that they are of high quality. A lot of times unfortunately wholesale can be code for poorly made. That is simply not an option for Homespice. High quality products that are durable, long lasting and beautiful are the only type of products that are offered through Homespice.

Of course you can also find a full range of braided rugs in all the popular styles and sizes. Braided rugs that are well made and one of the hottest home trends right now are perfect for not only country decorating but really can fit nicely into any type of home decor.

The color schemes of these rugs are the latest and most popular. Choosing the right hue can help to set the pace for any room.

Homespice can provide you with the hottest braided rugs on the market.

Commonly, the interlaced wholesale-braided-rugs make utilize of downy segments to give smooth texture. The territory carpets made out of fleece are decently respected for their brilliant values which make them exceptionally in vogue and agreeable choices for numerous homes nowadays. Anyway to generate a tougher kind, different producers have used different parts like polypropylene. Due to this exertion, there are a few sorts of the aforementioned region carpets which may be used in the outside segments of the house such as in the veranda, close to the swimming pool territory, and numerous alternates. The tough development of the carpets empowers them to withstand differing climate conditions.

Upgrading the manifestation of your house may be acquired with the favorable interlaced wholesale-braided-rugs. Notwithstanding owning wonderful styles, the proposed territory floor coverings could be bought in reasonable costs in illustration with some different embellishing things. Numerous home outline shops supply the aforementioned floor coverings at decreased expenses. Moreover, it could be conceivable to place these sorts of mats in various connected stores with discounted expenses. Using the things prepares you to decorate your house without the requirement to use more cash.

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