Ultra-Durable Indoor/Outdoor Braided Rugs

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Ultra Durable Braided Rugs

A rug that is truly indestructible! Made from Homespice’s exclusive fiber blend, these indoor outdoor rugs are washable, moisture wicking, stain & spill resistant, and built to withstand high-traffic, messy areas around your home. Shop our Ultra Durable rugs for anywhere from patio & deck to mudroom and foyer.

Take a Homespice Ultra Durable braided rug home and you will be a fan for life. We hear from hundreds of satisfied Ultra Durable rug owners each year about how these rugs are the most versatile and durable rugs they have ever owned. Stain-proof, water-proof, and resistant to mold and mildew, Ultra Durable braided rugs actually absorb most liquid spills within few seconds, leaving no trace of a stain. For sticky, gooey or smelly spills, just hose them off and air-dry and they are good as new.

The high quality materials and construction paired with dozens of stunning color and pattern choices make these perfect indoors and out, at home or the office. Any home with kids, pets, heavy traffic or wet/snowy climates will benefit from Ultra Durable. The wide selection of sizes, shapes and patterns means these rugs can find a place anywhere inside or your home – kitchen , dining room , living rooms , bathroom , hallways and entryways. Our Ultra Durable braided rugs , offer easy-care beauty, comfort and versatility