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Cotton Braided Rugs

Classic beauty on the outside, durable construction on the inside. Our cotton braided rugs are crafted from soft 100% cotton and 100% recycled fibers that give your floor the lasting beauty it deserves.

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Cotton braided rugs built our business at Homespice Décor. We are very partial to them. They are made out of richly detailed printed cotton fabric pieces, similar to some patchwork quilt top fabric. Braids of these different patterned fabrics have been artistically matched together to produce striking patterns unlike any other braided rugs. They are noticeable at a glance and pull people into them. Owners talk about how visitors to their homes, seeing the rug for first time, almost always reach down and touch the rug because of the depth and richness of the patterns. With as many as 100 different colors in each pattern, these handcrafted rugs are a hallmark for country, farmhouse and primitive décor, but over the years have found their way into almost every style of décor.

These rugs have a sturdy construction, but are soft and cushiony under foot. We originally produced these in the traditional oval and round shapes, but then we got a rocket scientist from NASA (we kid you not – he has a Ph.D. in braiding) to teach us how to make square and rectangle braided rugs that lay flat. We were the first company - ever - to commercially produce rectangle and square braided rugs. All of our cotton braided rugs can last 10-15 years, even in a home full of kids and pets, with simple care and maintenance. Treat yourself to one of our favorite rugs and you will enjoy its beauty and craftsmanship every day.

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Designed with sturdy Cotton, these Braided Rugs also come in popular colors that can be used to complement different elements of your home’s primitive décor. Team our lighter tones with the soothing looks of your bathroom or hallway and place the grandeur of darker tones in the living room or bedroom setting.

We take pride in the fine craftsmanship that our range of Cotton Braided Rugs reflects through its detailing and flawless texture. It’s a part of the quality promise that Homespice gives with every product. Add the beauty of a Cotton Braided Rug to your home in an oval or rectangular shape and give your primitive country décor a perfect companion. Our affordable prices will allow you to choose one for every corner of your country primitive home.