Homespice Décor has been making braided rugs for over 15 years.

Classic American decor including primitive decor that is museum quality.

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      Mother Nature is harsh and if you don't prepare for her, your décor can deconstruct in a short amount of time. Therefore, think of these things when preparing for the space. Choose durable furniture that can withstand the weather elements of your area. For example, if it's really sunny its good to consider materials that won't fade. If it is a place where it rains every single day it's wise to look for décor that is waterproof or moisture resistant.


      An outdoor space can be the perfect place to unwind after a long day, so it is imperative to have comfortable and low maintenance seating options. The best option is to use your creative skills and give a previously owned piece of furniture a ?ace lift? Chairs and couches can easily be dressed up with slipcovers and outdoor fabric pillows. Spray paint is also a fast and easy option for plastic and metal pieces.


    The sky is the limit, literally, on where you can go with the small things. Plant life plays a huge role, a few potted flowers or ferns can really bring it all together. A simple rug and/or some pillows are also a simple way to unify everything. There are tons of creative ways to light up a garden or patio using rope or holiday lights, candles and oil torch lamps. Even solar energy lamps can add a subtle lighting that is perfect for relaxation.


    First things first, get the basics. Start with the furniture, take into consideration things you already have and then get a statement piece. A large indoor/outdoor rug or a hammock can make a huge difference. Use color; Nature is our greatest example of how vibrant colors can be. Incorporate your yard in the decorating by reflecting some of the colors you see around you. Include things that you can interact with, like a hummingbird feeder, a fire pit, or a small fountain

Homespice Decor is a primitive home decor manufacturer of braided rugs, throw pillows and the famous ultra-durable rug perfect for indoor/outdoor space.

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