Where do I send my purchase orders?

Dropship orders should be sent to [email protected]. Store orders should be sent to [email protected]. Both dropship and store orders can also be faxed to 770-934-8887.

Why is stock not guaranteed for phone orders?

Unfortunately, stock is not guaranteed for any orders. Phone orders go into the order entry queue along with email/fax orders and are processed first in first out.

How can we find stock quantities/availability?

Click here to check inventory.

How do I know my order has been received by Homespice?

You will receive 3 total email confirmations. The first email will be an automated response stating that Homespice has received your order. The second email will be confirming that the order has been entered into our system and stock availability has been determined. The third and final email will be the attached invoice with tracking/shipping information.

I need to make a change to an order that was already submitted, what do I do?

Please email [email protected] and we will determine if it's possible to add to the order. Please indicate on your email that this is an additional and also state your PO # (if applicable).

I need to cancel an order, what do I do?

Please submit an email to [email protected] to have the order cancelled. All cancellations require a cancel request by email. Please make sure that the subject line states: URGENT CANCEL PO #(list your PO number). Once we have received the request, you will be provided with a cancellation confirmation #. Should you not receive one, please do lets us know as soon as possible.

It's been a few days, and I still don't have my second email confirmation.

There may be times where we're busier than normal. If you received the first email, then your order is in the queue and will be entered ASAP.

Can I request a future ship date on my order?

Yes, future ship dates are accepted, however, stock is not guaranteed.

My order is incorrect or my invoice is not correct. What should I do?

Please submit an email to [email protected] and include as much information as possible so we can research the claim. (Include the Invoice number, the product item number in the email as well.)

Address Corrections Fees?

Please be advised that if there are any address correction charges that we have incurred because of corrections to the address that was provided, and it pertains to your account, we will be contacting you via email. We will be sending you an invoice for these additional charges that must be paid in full at your earliest convenience. FedEx has a set fee of $18.00 per package, up to a maximum of $119.00 per shipment. Please remit payment directly to Homespice within 5 business days. We will be accepting credit card payments only for these fees to speed up the process and have this matter put behind us.