Hooked Table Runners:

Hooked Table runners are sure to get that traditional primitive look. Making sure your table tops get the right accessory is an important choice. Show here : Chicken Tracks Table Runner

Chicken Tracks Hooked Runner

Penny Table Runner:

Penny Table Runners originated in the 18′th century when Victorian women would use the penny coin of the time as a dye for the felt. Shown here : Indian Summer, Diamond Shape, handcrafted Penny Table Runner


Braided Rugs:

Braided Rugs are a great rug choice for anyone trying to get a Primitive look. They can be made from Jute, Cotton, Wool or Indoor/Outdoor materials. Shown here : Killimanjaro Jute Braid


Hooked Rugs:

These rugs also get that Primitive Look going. It is important to find one made well. Many of our Hooked Rugs can be custom sized. Show here : Matchstic Hooked Rug


Felted Wool Pillows:

Pillows are an important decorating tool. Pillows also make a great way to bring new life into your room without changing out your big pieces.


Braided rug in the Bathroom:

Upgrading your bathroom rug to a more traditional piece will always help. We recommend Cotton braided rugs or Ultra-Durable Braided rugs. Show here : Enigma Cotton Braided Rug


Braided rug by the Fireplace:

Decorating well around your fireplace is important for great Primitive Decorating. A braided rug looks great by the fireplace and has a warm look for those relaxed cozy evenings. Shown here Vancouver jute braided rug.

Vancouver Jute Braid

Accessorize your Table:

To get the ultimate Primitive look decorating your table top creatively will give your home that designer feel. Show here : Indian Corn along with Timber Trail braided jute placemats

Indian Corn Hooked Accessory

Co-ordinating your accessories:

Co-ordinating accessories is a tough but highly rewarding decorating step. Matching pillows, rugs and upholstery will always make your room stand out. Show here : Cider Barn jute braid with In-Bloom pillows

Chicken Tracks Hooked Runner Diamond-Primitive-Penny-Table-Runner-Kitchen-HiRes Kilimanjaro-Jute-Braided-Rugs-Country-Primitive-Hallway-HiRes Match-Stick-Primitive-Hooked-Rugs-Room-HiRes-2 Primitive-Felted-Wool-Hooked-Pillows-Hallway-HiRes Enigma-Cotton-Braided-Rugs-Country-Primitive-Bathroom-HiRes Vancouver Jute Braid Indian Corn Hooked Accessory Cider-Barn-Jute-Braided-Rugs-Primitive-Room-HiRes

Primitive Decorating Ideas

primitive decorating ideas

Primitive decorating is a style that reflects the 18th century time period with simple furnishings and earth-tone colors. From the “do-it-yourselfers” to the national furniture brands, primitive decorating is trending. The best part about this style of decorating is that it is very easy to incorporate into your home, and many people have fun creating a unique space to enjoy for years to come!

Primitive décor is defined by three major themes: simplicity, color and material.


The definition of primitive is something that is basic. Primitive decorating is meant to represent elements of the past; therefore, this style of decorating is simple. Primitive décor is about the essentials of your home, practicality.


Primitive Hooked Chair Pad

Chair Pad-Prairie

Natural colors are always associated with primitive décor such as taupe, brown, green and white or off-white. But you will also see colors such as mustard yellow, barn red and colonial blue. A big trend common with primitive decorating is painted and distressed furniture pieces with these colors.


Raw materials are used in primitive decorating, again, a way to incorporate elements of nature into your home. You will often see different variations of wood with hardwood flooring, wood panels on the walls, logs and types of weathered wood or wood that is distressed. Other materials include exposed stone and brick incorporated with flooring, wall enhancements or fireplaces.

Décor Ideas

Primitive Decor

Jute Rug-Azalea Oval

Decorating elements often seen in primitive décor consist of mason jars, metal barn stars,birdhouses, braided rugs, wood chairs or straight back chairs, chair pads, table mats, wood benches and furniture. 

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